Friday, May 30, 2008

Five Things We Learn from Jim Silante's Prayer at the GOP Dinner

Watch Jim Silante's Prayer at GOP Dinner-May29-2008
Watch this priest turned politician to understand my rant.

Leave it to the GOP to turn a "prayer" into a political rant. Hello? Just because he told everyone to bow their heads in prayer, doesn't mean it was a prayer. The words he arrogantly uttered were in the form of a speech. He was using notes. I attended Catholic School from 1-12. I became a born again Christian in 1991. I've sat in pews for years. I know the difference between a speech and a prayer.

Here are a few things Jim Silante showed Americans:
1. Jim Silante and the GOP are clueless about the issues faced in the US especially urban areas. Why would you mock the idea that this country needs change? This country does need change. Don't know why? Watch these two videos and you'll get a clear picture.
Why West Virginians won't vote for Senator Obama.
Perhaps people with a little more education have different views, right? We would all hope so. Here's Liza Trotta on FoxNews remarking that Osama and Obama should both be killed.

2. Jim Silante admitted : "There is a decent chance that" Barack Obama may be the next president of the United States. Guess what? You just confirmed that Barack Obama is a threat to your candidate.
3. Jim Silante and his party will use any means necessary, even "prayer" to get their desired results. Smear tactics and fear mongering will not work on everyone. Many people do their homework and research the truth about the countless email that circulate spreading lies about Senator Obama.

4. Jim and the GOP must know many people aren't drinking the Kool Aid. With the huge spike in voter registration and primary turnouts they have to accept people are actually looking beyond their own lives and awakening to their social responsibility and power.

5. Jim Silante and his party are out of touch. Here's one of your biggest supporters proving that GOP supporters are COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with the minorities and poor of America.
Bill O'Reilly is shocked that a black restaurant is just like every other restaurant in NY. No, really....

Thanks for the "prayer". It was a real eye opener...

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