Tuesday, June 03, 2008

14 Ann Coulter Clips You Must See

Ann Coulter is one of the most controversial authors and commentators of our time. While researching a topic I was going to write about, I kept coming across her clips. I was shocked at the ludicrous remarks she made in the public. She spews poison and claims she is a Christian. I'm a born again Christian and I don't subscribe to any of her views. Here are 14 clips that explain so much about a woman that uses fear mongering, racism and slander to spread her views.

Elizabeth Edwards confronts Ann Coulter on Chris Matthews' show. Ann Coulter launches personal attacks against everyone that shares different opinions. In one particular attack, she used Elizabeth Edward's deceased son. See how uncomfortable she gets when she is confronted. One more thing, I applaud Chris Matthews for his stance in this situation.

Ann Coulter has some very negative things to say about September 11 widows.

Ann Coulter says Christians are perfected Jews. What the?

Ann Coulter explains why she believes women shouldn't vote?!

Ann Coulter Throws Tantrum. Ann Coulter says getting Osama Bin Laden is irrelevant!

Ann Coulter and Kristen Powers don't see eye to eye.

Ann Coulter, perhaps if you weren't offending everyone every time you wrote a book or opened your wouldn't have to feel like this. Ann Coulter whining about being criticized by the media.

The CBC corrects Ann Coulter. Surprise, surpise...she doens't like it.

Ann Coulter's books offers sources that are inaccurate. The video is titled Ann Coulter's lies.

Ann Coulter uses the word..."ragheads" at a college speaking engagement. Look below for the response.

Ann Coulter is confronted by a muslim that suuports her. She doesn't retract her offensive remarks.

Ann Coulter compares Los Angeles to Iraq. She goes further by compringing the extremists/terrorists fighting in Iraq (with machine guns, dirty bombs and other warfare weapons) to the Crypts and the Bloods involved in gang violence!

Ann Coulter practices her fear mongering and calls Senator Obama half black. Who buys this woman's books?!?!?!?

Ann Coulter gives herself too much credit. She believes Senator Clinton lost because of her.

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Matt-Man said...

Great clips Super. She is such a despicable "human" being. Have a great weekend and Cheers!!