Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Deception Good Luck with Your Death Full Episode

Good Luck with Your Death  Air Date March 5, 2013

After watching this episode, I have a few questions.  

Girl, what were you thinking?  Sleeping with your ex that is a chronic cheater?  Joanna turned him down once and he had some very easy chick in his bed that same night.  So what if Audrey was his ex too!  Apparently, she is everyone's ex.  Ahem..

About Kyle feeling guilty and telling Mia the truth.  Ok, if the Senator picked him up in upstate NY and threatened him with jail time there is a problem with that timeline.  Someone is lying.  Why did he pay that guy to let him beat him up when he first met her? Is he working for two different people?  

Did the Senator imply that Robert's wife was murdered?  Was the accident due to drinking and driving?  The Senator mentioned some insurance money (several billion) that helped Robert's money problem with some stock that was tanking.  Robert is in a deep hole.  No wonder he wants the senator to die!

Oh and Audrey was the architect of all the murders?  Funny, Edward thinks she's an idiot.

Have any questions or comments to anything above?  Join the conversation below!  

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