Wednesday, April 30, 2008

These Are the Racy Miley Cyrus Pictures?!

When I first heard about Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair pictures on CNN I expected something bad, really bad. How bad? Vanessa Hudgens poses in the nude bad. Not too long ago, a few "scandalous" pictures of Hannah Montana circulated on the net. I found those to be a bit more racier, you can take a look below. (Although kids say it's common practice to share their gum or hard candy in that manner that she did with her female friend, it was a little alarming nontheless.)

Let's take a closer look at this. Can it be that Disney stars are expected to behave in a higher standard than the normal run of the mill child/teen celebrity? Perhaps, since their shows are broadcast 24/7 to millions of impressionable teens across the world. Can it be that soceity and the media expect more from them? Did they ask for this or more importantly want to meet these standards? Are we putting a lot of pressure on these kids? Remember, they are kids or teens after all. Imagine if a camera followed you around when you were teen? Would you be on E or CNN for some of your less than stellar behavior? Have some of these Disney stars failed? I could honestly say...yes. Looking back at the train wrecks: Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera and the infamous Ms. Britney B$%*^H as well as the younger Spears sibling - you have to agree. Come to think of it, many more Disney stars have made some big OOOPSIES. Of course, I believe these celebs have erred in a much horrible manner than Miley Cyrus.

Back to Miley Cyrus. Looking at the picture, she looks like a vampire...anybody else think so? Is it provocative? Looking at the fact that she is 15, yes. Is it provocative in the industry? No. Why? Because like Miley Cyrus' character Hannah Montana lives in two different worlds, she lives in "Hollyworld" and we live in this world. The industry is just different in so many ways. The first commercial I was in, the model (a famous one that will remain unnamed) was told she was going to do the shot in a towel. She dropped her clothing in the middle of the room, only my father and I were embarassed (being newbies and new to this world). When I was told what to wear, I found my way to the nearest bathroom. It's just different, trust me.

Like I said, they're two different worlds.

Here is a youtube video that showcases a clip of the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photo shoot.

Here is another youtube video that shows many other pictures of Miley Cyrus that were taken at the Vanity Fair shoot.

Here is one of the first controversial pictures that circulated on the net. I'm curious about what others think. Leave a comment and share your thoughts...

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