Friday, November 06, 2009

Nothing Like the Holidays, It's a Puerto Rican Thing!

Every family has little "quirks" that make them unique. In my family, it's the way we all talk at the same time and actually manage to hold several conversations. Boyfriends that came to our home would be utterly confused and overwhelmed by the way we communicated. I thought it was unique to my family, but then I saw Nothing Like the Holidays and realized IT'S A PUERTO RICAN THING! :)

This past week I watched the movie starring John Leguizamo and Debra Messing and it captured my heart. Now that my family is spread out: I'm in upstate NY, one sister is in the Bronx, the other is in California and my parents are in Puerto Rico...I realized it's my turn to start the tradition of uniting the family. I only hope I do as a good a job as my parents did.

Watch Nothing Like the Holidays. It will become a new addition to your Christmas collection...

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