Friday, January 09, 2009

Sarah Palin Just Won't Go Away

Wow. The latest Sarah Palin interview reminded me of how much I can't stand hearing her voice.

Why won't someone tell her that "also" is not supposed to be used to start a sentence. What am I saying? She uses "also" to end sentences too. I'd rather hear her say, "Um" or how about SILENCE. Silence from Sarah Plain would be great.

At first she claimed the media was discriminating against her because of her gender. Now she says the media treats her harshly because of her class...or lack of. (This is the woman that was interviewed on a farm, while a turkey was being executed behind her. It's ok, right. We should just overlook how unprofessional that all seemed. After all, she tells us why she's there. It was her Thanksgiving duty to "take care of the turkey.")

Please go away. Don't forget to take Joe the Plumber with you.

Counting down to the inauguration...

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Thomas said...

Democratic world and democratic opinions there is no one to stop them.