Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Wants President Obama to Fail

Rush Limbaugh is only interested in getting press, even if it's negative. He's a shock jock. It's unfortuante how he would prefer to bring strife among Americans, then to help bring this nation to a better place. His listeners should realize he is using them. He's not being effected by America's economic struggles. His listeners should realize that he is just trying to be a drama king and instigate trouble to keep his ratings up.

There's something he needs to realize.
We are not going to let President Obama fail. We will band together and help wherever we can, whatever it takes. This is our America. It's not exclusive to conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh is a negative force. He uses religion in a negative way. The only difference between his behavior and the behavior of muslim extremists is the violence.

I'm a born again Christian and I don't subscribe to his point of view. He doesn't speak for all of us, just the ones that use religion as a front to spew hatred.

I'm disgusted with his behavior. However, we live in America. We believe in freedom of speech.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh as he says he wants President Obama to fail.

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Entertainment Blog said...

hey, i don't think he'll succeed but now he was successful on being famous. maybe he can have his own movie.