Thursday, September 04, 2008

Video of Piper Palin Holding 4 Month Old, Explains So Much

As a mother to 7 kids, I would never let any of my 7 yr old kids hold their 4 month old infant sibling. As a mom to a special needs autistic child, I find it alarming. BTW, her special needs blurb was transparent.

That one shot of Piper and Trig explained so much....


jets4274 said...

The only thing I saw watching this was something really touching. When I saw this live, I like many others thought how sweet it was to see this little seven year old show such love and tenderness for her little baby brother as well as maturity beyond her years. She carried herself much like her mother as she waved at the crowd on stage, standing close to her mom's side. Piper is going to become the little star of the family as this race continues. Sorry for all you haters but tonight's speech was fantastic.

supermom_in_ny said...


I wonder if it would have been touching...if she dropped the infant.

Piper was also chewing on the infant's pacifier. At that age, bottles and water still require sterilizing. If that would have been any other kid, I'm sure many people would have been in an uproar.

I can just hear it:
"Where's this infant's mother?"