Friday, March 14, 2008

Salad Fingers: Does this Emo Cartoon Have a Deeper Meaning?

The first time one of my kids showed me one of Salad Fingers' youtube series I was confused. Salad Fingers is a dark, unusual cartoon that delights in twisted deeds. The best example of this is the "orgasmic" pleasure it receives in cutting it's finger to make it bleed.

Strangely enough, one can't stop watching the videos. It literally feels like watching a train wreck. You know it's not going to be good, but you can't pull your eyes away. I've watched several of the cartoons. It's disturbing, but I keep trying to "figure it out". Perhaps I'm trying to find a deeper meaning than it really has. It can just be random thoughts of an inebriated artist, right?

Let me know what you think of Salad Fingers: Episode Two:


K'lee Apple Dantzler said...

i've searched all around for meaning to it as well. it IS art, but i also know there is a deeper meaning. as i searched, these where the best things i could find..

one of the meanings that someone got from this disturbing cartoon was something about a war. something about a nuclear bomb and the dark sides of war.

or i also read up that...

it is a story about a ordinary looking man. living in an apartment. but he is suffering from skitzophrenia and depression. and isnt medicated for his illness. and he immagines things. he sees his appartment as a small shack in what seems like an apocolyptic world. and all of his friends or the people that me meets arent real, just his other personalities. he immagines them because due to his psycho illness, he can't cope around real people. that is why he is the only person in the whole cartoon that speaks real words..until he meets the little girl in the picnic episode ((dont know if you've seen that one))..and when she speaks realy words, he realizes that he isnt immagining her. and that she is a real little girl. and since he cant cope around real people, he panics.

and there is something behind his strange, sick behavior that has some sort of message about abuse in it. but im still not sure.

you are supposed to pay close attention to what goes on in the background and the things that salad fingers says.
im stll working on figuring out the meaning to this sick cartoon.

Anonymous said...

No emos the right term. It's dark and creepy. Nobody really likes it or understands why it exsists. And It's about inflicting pain onto oneself.